Donations to SYD UK

Donations to SYD UK help to make it possible for Siddha Yogis and seekers in the UK to engage with the teachings and practices of the Siddha Yoga path.  Unless given for a specific purpose, donations received are applied to meet operating expenses and reserves connected with the following activities:

  • Operating the SYD UK website including publication of the SYD UK calendar of events; administering the national database and mailings;
  • Receiving Shaktipat Intensives, global broadcasts, Siddha Yoga courses and other teaching events;
  • Managing the national Siddha Yoga bookstore;
  • Maintaining full and part time staff to assist with essential ongoing administration and providing appropriate financial and legal administration and management of the charity.

Any surplus arising from donations after these expenses have been met is applied according to the charitable objects of SYD UK.  For more information please send an email in the first instance to .

How to Make a Donation

To set up a monthly standing order or to make a single donation, please telephone 01404 514403 or send an email to .

Gift Aid

For many years the Government has been encouraging public generosity to UK registered charities by allowing them to claim basic rate income tax on donations made by Gift Aid.  If you would like to have your donations included in the scheme, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and return to:

PO Box 5156

SIDDHA YOGA is a registered trademark of SYDA Foundation®. SHAKTIPAT INTENSIVE is a trademark of SYDA Foundation. They are used here under license by SYD UK CLG.

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